Polisportiva Udinese

Polisportiva Udinese

Foundation Year: 2010
Number of sport sections: 6
Number of Athletes: ca. 1000
Reference Website: http://www.udinese.it/portal/IT/handle/?hil&page=pagina-1353430818.

The Multisportclub Association Udinese has been instituted in May 2010 by six clubs, of which five residing in Udine and one in Ponteba. Such clubs are engaged in different sport activities but share two common denominators: they represent the sport elite of the territory in their respective fields and firmly believe in the development of the youth sectors.

In reality, there is actually a third common denominator which ties the six clubs.: the consciousness that unity represents the solution to overcome problems and economic difficulties.

This is the intuition that drove the birth of the “Polisportiva Udinese”, sustained by the local administration of Udine and from the ownership of Udinese Calcio, which actively participates at this initiative, through its know-how and means.  Unifying under one entity different entities, while keeping the respective autonomy, allowed to realize the economy of scale for procurement (sport and sanitary material), and to put in place advocacy and communication activities to gather new collaborations and sponsorships.


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