EMCA at the EU Sport Forum

One of the first matters faced by Multisport Clubs, after the creation of their EMCA network, was finding other partners outside their panel. That is why it was so important for the Association to make people know about its existence. First of all, EMCA provided itself of a Website: Moreover, it became member of the “European Commission Structured Dialogue on Sport” and entered in the European Sport Platform, a forum held in Brussels to discuss with stakeholders about priorities in the field of sport.

However, one of the crucial steps was the EMCA’s presence in the EU Sport Forum 2013, the annual meeting between the European Institution and the sport stakeholders. Thanks to this event, held in Vilnius (Lithuania), two EMCA representatives came in touch the other members of the sport movement, in particular with FESI (the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industries), that would have soon become one of the main partners’ of the Association. This partnership lead the way to the creation a common project.


The EMCA’s role in the European Sport Forum became even stronger in the following edition held in Milan (Italy). The Forum dedicated a specific panel to Multisport Clubs, where they presented their points of view about Multisport clubs’ role in the EU and talking about good practices that could become a model for other monosport clubs. The sessions received good feedback by the audience and, after the Forum, the Meeting of EU Sport focused on the theme “The role of multisport clubs as models of social capital building”.