FINA World Championship: HAŠK Mladost and Ferencváros players in the Water-Polo final

6faefc6bb2c8dacc1a536e0dbc54b62dHAŠK Mladost and Ferencvárosi Torna Club main actors of the Budapest 2017 – FINA World Championships Water-Polo men final, that saw Croatia win against Hungary 8-6.

Congratulations to all the athletes, in particular to the new Croatian gold medalists Ivan Marcelić (HAVK Mladost player), Ante Vukičević and Luka Lončar (originally Mladost players – the latter awarded ad best central player of the tournament).

Particular mentions too for the runners-up Fradi players: Manhercz Krisztián, Varga Dénes and Vámos Márton. Márton – after this final – became the first Hungarian player to score in every World Cup match.


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