Great success for S.S. Lazio Sport Village in “Notte Bianca” in Fregene

1aA wonderful night full of events and sport, coloured with S.S. Lazio white-skyblue colours. Last Saturday, 24th June, a great framework of events took place in Fregene (Fiumicino – Rome). “Notte Bianca in Fregene”, organised by the Municipality of Fiumicino promoted and supported more than 200 initiatives of all kinds, from gastronomy to music, passing through sport and culture.

19429916_942614259210944_4973661668831394927_nRegarding sport events, particularly relevant was the creation of a sport village, created thanks to the efforts of S.S. Lazio Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse and other sections of Società Sportiva Lazio. Participants of the events, in particular children, experienced the values and the opportunies to play different sports, having fun with coaches, athletes and their families.

The Night revealed itself a great success in terms of engagement. And it was also a great moment for disseminating the European actions that S.S. Lazio is bringing on. In particular SafeYou Project was very well described among people, who pledged the initiative of S.S. Lazio Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse. Welcome Project too was present with a delegation of S.S. Lazio Basket.

«Thanks to the precious contribute of all the sport federations and associations involved in “Notte Bianca”, we left a white-skyblue sign in Fregene – said proudly Giuseppe Sesto, president of “S.S. Lazio Baseball, Softball & Lacrosse 1949” to the Sport Section Official Website -.  These events are important moments, that can give people emotions and hope, since sport is not only sport for us… it is life!».

Photos taken by the S.S. Lazio Baseball, Softball & Lacrosse 1949 Communication Area.


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