Towards the EU Sport Forum 2017 in Malta

eu-sport-forum-istock.jpgA couple of weeks to go. The EU Sport Forum edition 2017 is going to take place next 8th and 9th March,  in St. Julian’s, Malta, organised as always by the DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission. It will be surely a great occasion for the European Sports organisations, that will exchange views, create new networks and give feedback to the European Institutions about the developments of the Erasmus+ Programme and the European Sport Policy in general.

The European Multisport Club Association is being in Malta to play its role, as it has always been doing in its recent past. EMCA has a strong relationship with the EU Sport Forum, having participated to all its editions since the Association’s birth in 2013. Vilnius, Milan, The Hague and, now, St. Julian’s are the cities of our route, in important steps towards the promotion of Multisport in the European continent.

As the European Commission describes, the Forum is the main platform for structured dialogue between the European institutions and sport stakeholders. Its main objective is to take stock of progress achieved in implementing the EU agenda for sport and to seek stakeholders’ views on current, planned or possible future activities.

During one day and a half, various sessions will cover many topics of interest for European sport including:

  • grassroots sport
  • good governance
  • volunteering
  • follow-up of the high-level groups on sport diplomacy and grassroots sport
  • doping
  • innovati
  • contribution to growth and jobs
  • e-sports
  • gender-based violence

Hereby you can find the agenda of the event, directly from the EU Commission Website.

Kick Off Meeting for WELCOME -Integration of young refugees through sport activity

welcome_edited-1On 7th February 2017 it was held the Kick Off Meeting of the “WELCOME – Integration of young refugees through sports activity” project, a brand new project with S.S. Lazio Basket as Lead Partner, which confirms, once again, its social vocation.

WELCOME is co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Programme, involving young refugees and asylum seekers, promoting social integration through sports. The Partnership extends from Italy to Croatia and Cyprus, all Countries in the forefront in addressing the crucial issue of migrations, and it is composed by three Clubs/sections: S.S. Lazio Basket, HAŠK Mladost and APOEL Nicosia.

During the meeting, S.S. Lazio Basket President and Project General Coordinator, Simone Santi, outlined the path and the milestones that will shape the integration model proposed. With WELCOME, S.S. Lazio Basket it is consecrated as one of the most sensitive associations to the delicate issues of social inclusion and non-discrimination.

Mr. Santi has clarified the objectives and the work programme of the project, focusing on the critical issues that may arise in the implementation of activities, getting the enthusiastic response from the Partners, who are ready to cooperate on all fronts.


Kick-Off Meeting for “Multisport Coaches Across Europe”


Not only Sport MyWay. Within the European Multisport Club Association framework, there are other several multisport projects that are now part of the Erasmus+ Programme and were declared eligible for the European co-financing. One of them is a small collaborative partnership that can count on the efforts of a team composed by four clubs/sections: “SC Levski – Sport For All”, “Fundação Sporting”, “Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885” and “ASD Lazio Hockey Prato Giovani”.

They, all together, gave birth to “Multisport Coaches Across Europe”, whose aim is to encourage the mobility of grassroots sports coaches from different disciplines, contributing to the exchange of good experiences and to the Integration in the European sport system.

In particular, today is a very important day for “Multisport Coaches Across Europe”, since its first kick-off meeting is taking place in few hours. And this is a great occasion for us to say a genuine “good work” to all the people and partners involved!

New milestone: EMCA, the non-profit association


Not only Sport Infoday. 31st January 2017 is an important date that will be surely remembered as a new step in the history of the European Multisport Club Association. After having celebrated the fourth birthday of the Association few weeks ago, EMCA put a new milestone in its Multisport path.

Today, the European Multisport Club Association has officially become a non-profit association according to the Belgian Law, creating within its network a new official structure that will permit our Clubs to enforce their cooperation and, from now on, to present common European projects in the name of the Association itself.

So, the Association has a new established structure, composed by a board of five Clubs, representing the its “government”: Levski Sport For All, SFP Olympiacos, Sporting Club de Portugal, Società Sportiva Lazio and Ferencvaros. Among them, a new president has been elected in the person of Vanina Milanova, who received the congratulations by all the members of the Association, as well as Federico Eichberg, who was chosen as the Secretary General. Moreover, the General Assembly is composed by one Full Member for each Club with a one-year-rotating presidency, that for 2017 has been given to Mette Andersen from Aalborg.

The meeting represented also a great occasion to draw the new work plan for the next months, in particular towards the deadline for the presentation of the new proposals for the Erasmus+ Programme, but also for other programmes regarding for example dual careers and structural funds dedicated to sport.

To sum up, this is a new start, that will hopely lead us towards new targets and goals, with the awaraness that – together with these ambitions – new challenges will come. But we are ready to face them, step by step, all together as a well-established team.


EMCA at the Sport Infoday 2017

img_022033.1 million of euros. This is the amount of grants to be given to European Projects in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport this year.. The Sport Infoday that took place today in Brussels, that in 2017 arrived at its third edition, represented once again a great occasion from two point of views. The first obviously was represented by the information that the European Commission and EACEA gave to all the participants. The latter one, as important as the first, was the meeting with many other organisation, exchanging views and opinions about future projects.

Thanks to the kick-off meeting of Sport MyWay, many members of the European Multisport Club Association attended the event, receiving feedback on their past action and projecting the future ones within Erasmus+, a programme that – as Yves Le Lostecque said – is a tools that implements European Commission priorities and doesn’t come alone.

And EMCA, as partner of the European Commission last year in the European Week of Sport, is ready to play once again its part in the promotion of sport in our Continent, starting from Sport MyWay and deepening its efforts for future activities.

The day has come: Sport MyWay!

MyWay_logo_png.pngCreating a new figure in the sport panorama: the multisport trainer, a new unique professional role that is acquainted with several sports, providing a multisport dimension in the sport system. An ambitious aim, but with the awareness that it can be done. This, in few words, is the chore of the new project promoted by the clubs of the European Multisport Club Association: Sport MyWay, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Presented by Hask Mladost of Zagreb and with the involvement of Aalborg, APOEL, Crvena Zvezda, Società Sportiva Lazio, Olympiacos and Sporting Portugal, Sport MyWay sees also the participation of Coni Servizi and FESI, recreating the well-known network established in the Sport&Support Project.

Every child has indeed own peculiarities, and thanks to Multisport Clubs everyone can choose the most suitable sport to their characteristics and passions. Multisport trainers, in this sense, can play a crucial role in helping to find them, accompanying them in developing themselves both as athletes and as people of our future society.

The aim is clear: defining a specific educational programme that will individualise the profile and the competences that a Multisport Trainer needs to have, in order to be able to accompany children through a well-define Multisport path. So, from the heritage of Sport&Support, a new ambitious plan has been unveiled at “Barbanera” Restaurant in Brussels, where representatives of the Multisport Clubs involved, accompanied by TSV Bayer04, Levski Sports for All and Ferencvaros, drew the main path that will be followed in next 18 months.

Stay tuned, since soon we will launch a specific project website. But for now, thanks to the efforts of the HASK Mladost team, we can already count on a Facebook and a Twitter Page, plus a special logo that represents in the best possible way the spirit of SportMyWay, with gold and red from HASK Mladost and blue from the European Flag, united with the nine stars representing the partners involved in this new ambitious project in the name of #MultisportForAll!


EMCA ready to launch a new project: Sport MyWay


2017 has started. And the European Multisport Club Association is ready to make new steps towards the goals scheduled in the Erasmus+ Sport framework. The main step? The Sport MyWay Project, that has been chosen by the European Union for the co-financing in the 2016 call. An ambitious project, that involves most of the EMCA network members and aims to create a new figure in the sport panorama: the multisport coach.

Through meetings and sharing of best practices, our clubs will organise a new plan of work, that will start in Brussels next week. Indeed, from Monday, 30th June, a three-day-long event will cover the main aspects of the Project. Tuesday, the 31st, the participants will have the occasion to attend also the Erasmus+ Sport Infoday, that represents always a great chance to meet new potential partners for future projects.

Finally, the 1st February, the project coordinators of each team will meet for the final part of the kick-off meeting, making the Sport MyWay Project officially start.

Here you can find the programme of the full programme of the event:

We are looking forward to promote the #MultisportForAll values, all together as a team. And we are ready to do that!