EMCA thanks U.N.A.S.C.I. for the hospitality in Lecce

lecce-18-marzo-117.jpg«Sport is not only physical activity: it is more, it is culture. And you, as sports clubs with more than one hunderd years, can greatly represent these cultural aspects of sport through your experience». With these words, EMCA was glad to introduce its activity to the U.N.A.S.C.I. (the Italian Union of Sports Association with more than 100 years) conference, that took place in Lecce last 18th March.

The event was named “Let’s talk about sport for sport” and saw the participation of local and sports institutions, all united by their passion and their role in the sport movement. Hosted by the U.N.A.S.C.I. President Bruno Gozzelino, the panel that took place during the afternoon met the interest of the associations involved.

Stefano Orengo from EMCA started with a presentation about the European Sport Policies, while Raffaele Sannicandro – during the following speech – talked about sports facilities and infrastructures. Then the stage was given to the brilliant speech by Prof. Celestino Bottoni who talked about several issues that sports clubs must face in their everyday life, in particular referring to the Italian legislation.

For EMCA it has been a brilliant experience to be involved in such event and we would like to thank U.N.A.S.C.I. for the organisation, Tiro a Segno Nazionale sez. Lecce for the hospitality and all the participants for their role in this great day of sport.


EMCA represented at U.N.A.S.C.I. conference in Lecce

unasciImportant appointment for EMCA next Saturday, 18th March. Our representative Stefano Orengo will present the results and the goals of our Association during the annual UNASCI (Unione Nazionale Associazioni Sportive Centenarie d’Italia) conference, taking place in Lecce, titled this year “Parliamo di Sport per Sport” (Let’s talk about sport for sport”).

This event will represent a great occasion for us to promote once again the European dimension of sport, with a particular referral to European co-financing, the Erasmus+ Programme and Multisport Projects such as Sport MyWay.

EU Sport Forum: focus on good governance

If the first day demonstrated once more the importance of the EU Sport Forum, the sessions that took place today, 9th March, in the second day of the Malta meeting, were even better. The focus was put in general on two topics: good governance and the importance of grassroots sport.

The first one saw the sharing of best practices among European sport partners, with many speeches of those organisations who last September showed their pledge to support the implementation of good governance in sport throughout the EU. The European Multisport Club Association had the pleasure to participate actively in the session, describing how sport integrity and transparency are important for our clubs. Particularly successful was the mention of Bruno de Carvalho and Sporting Portugal speech during the Sport&Support seminar in Rome: democracy is indeed a key for good governance.

After an interesting debate on the role of grassroots sport, with the participation of Tibor Navracsics, the EU Commissioner concluded the day with an emotional moment, with the signature by each EU good governance partner of a special poster prepared as a commitment of their efforts in such issues. EMCA had the honour to participate to the ceremony, as another symbolic recognition of our work in the name of “Multisport For All”.


Great start for the EU Sport Forum in Malta

EuSPORTFORUMA structured dialogue between European Institutions and stakeholders of the sport sector. This 8th March, first day of the 2017 edition of the European Sport Forum, revealed itself particularly interesting, with the stress put on the new and future challenges that the European Union must face. Once more, the principle of specifity and autonomy of sport was underlined, clarifying that this autonomy doesn’t mean isolation, but cooperation with the institutions with democratic dialogue.

During the morning session, Yves Le Lostecque and Jens Christensen from the EU Commission started the event by congratulating with Mark Cutajar, Director General for Sport in Malta and with all the other Ministers, who have been working hard during this semester of presidency. Moreover, the EU Commission representatives made a summary of the activities done in last year, with a particular attention to the reports of the two HLG (on grassroots and on diplomacy) established last year.

Notable is the fact that Erasmus+ Sport Projects co-funded by the European Union increased in number, from the 53 of 2015 to the 140 of 2016, with such an improvement realised thanks to the inclusion of the small collaborative partnerships in the Programme. This aspect demonstrates the active and constructive engagement of sport organisations and federations. That is why it is so important to protect the good governance of sport, that has been one of the priorities of the last Work Plan for Sport.

Interesting sessions were held in the afternoon. The European Multisport Club Association participated in two of them: the first on the opportunities brought by innovation and digital technologies in sport and the other on the brand new “e-sport” aspects. Moreover, EMCA had the pleasure to have fruitful meetings with sports stakeholders and experts of the sport movement; in this sense, our Clubs were applauded for the Sport MyWay Project, considered a great idea with an incredible potential. An idea that we are looking forward to realise.

Meeting in Zagreb for Sport MyWay Project


The preparations for the operational aspects of Sport MyWay are going on and the meetings between HASK Mladost and the partners of the network are getting in on the ground floor. Last 23th-24th of February a meeting on the Sport MyWay project took place in Zagreb with participants from HASK Mladost, TSV Bayer Leverkusen and the EMCA partner New-Frame.

During fruitful talks between coordinators and specialists about their vision of a multisport coach, they gained a much clearer perspective of the qualifications needed and the next steps to be made.

It got more than obvious that the multisport coach needs to be qualified and get qualified through specific trainings to enhance abilities needed for the children to get the proper preparation for life and sports.

Fantastic results for Progetto Colors in Johannesburg


Beautiful day of Basketball and Sport in Johannesburg, where the final stage of St. John College Basketball Tournament took place last Sunday.  “Escolia Lazio Basket”  U-19 Team obtained a prestigious silver medal in this important tournament, that saw the participation of 42 teams coming from all parts of Southern Africa. Lazio team, in particular, was the one flying high the flag of Mozambique.

This is a great result for Lazio Basket and a great honour for Progetto Colors, an authentic symbol of social and sports efforts of the white-skyblue club.  Few years passed since the center in  Zimpeto was created in 2009, and now the Project can count on six basketball teams (three for boys and three for girls), dedicated to three different ranges of ages. The Under-19 team, who arrived at the second place in the Johannesburg tournament, is the oldest one.

Thanks to the cooperation of Nelson Mandela School and the Orphanage Arco Iris, the Progetto Colours now unites children coming from two orphanages  located in Zimpeto e Mosal, suburbs of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

For further information about the Project, you can visit the official website: www.progettocolors.com.

Towards the EU Sport Forum 2017 in Malta

eu-sport-forum-istock.jpgA couple of weeks to go. The EU Sport Forum edition 2017 is going to take place next 8th and 9th March,  in St. Julian’s, Malta, organised as always by the DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission. It will be surely a great occasion for the European Sports organisations, that will exchange views, create new networks and give feedback to the European Institutions about the developments of the Erasmus+ Programme and the European Sport Policy in general.

The European Multisport Club Association is being in Malta to play its role, as it has always been doing in its recent past. EMCA has a strong relationship with the EU Sport Forum, having participated to all its editions since the Association’s birth in 2013. Vilnius, Milan, The Hague and, now, St. Julian’s are the cities of our route, in important steps towards the promotion of Multisport in the European continent.

As the European Commission describes, the Forum is the main platform for structured dialogue between the European institutions and sport stakeholders. Its main objective is to take stock of progress achieved in implementing the EU agenda for sport and to seek stakeholders’ views on current, planned or possible future activities.

During one day and a half, various sessions will cover many topics of interest for European sport including:

  • grassroots sport
  • good governance
  • volunteering
  • follow-up of the high-level groups on sport diplomacy and grassroots sport
  • doping
  • innovati
  • contribution to growth and jobs
  • e-sports
  • gender-based violence

Hereby you can find the agenda of the event, directly from the EU Commission Website.