TSV Bayer 04: “Sport is our passion”

tsvbayer04Almost 10.000 members; 13 sport departments; all united by one only passion: sport. In few words, this is TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen, one of the main Multisport clubs in Germany and one of the newest members of the European Multisport Club Association.

In two special videos promoted by their YouTube Official Channel, our German friends share with us their experience and their best practices. The Club shows a wide range of activities for people of all ages, putting a particular stress  not only on physical activity aspects, but also on education for youngsters.

Health, as sport, must be promoted for all people, and that is the spirit of TSV Bayer 04, that can count on thousands of athletes, from grassroots to élite sport, where the club obtains always good results. After Rio 2016, the club’s gold book is now composed by 35 Olympic medals (10 Gold)  and 82 Paralympic medals (32 Gold), all awarded under the motto “Sport ist unsere leidenschaft” (“Sport is our Passion”).



Levski promotes sport and celebrate the National Revival

Levski “Sport For All” has always been one of the most active clubs in the European Multisport Club Association and in the European Union framework of sport, with Ms. Vanina Milanova part of the High Level Group on grassroots sport.

This 18th November, the Bulgarian Multisport Club confirms once more its values, with the special initiative created in cooperation with important stakeholders like the Municipality of Sofia and the Bulgarian Association “Sport for Students”: the sport festival named “Sports Lions”, dedicated to the Day of National Revival in Bulgaria.

Today, from 10.30 a.m., the Rakovski Stadium, with the support of the marketing agency Real-Sport, is hosting this great initiative, that aims to enable students from Sofia to try different sports with professional coaches.

TSV Bayer 04 and New-Frame: the Dual Career Programme

klinkTSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen is one of the fresh new members of the European Multisport Club Association. Today the German club has around 10,000 members in 13 departments, which cover the leisure sports, para-sports and competitive sports sectors with all age groups. The club is counted among to the most successful clubs in Germany and, not by chance, in Rio 2016 their athletes won 6 gold medals during the recent Paralympics and 15 medals in total.

But TSV Bayer’s practices are particularly interesting not only for the great sport results gained, but also for the importance of social values that the Club and the sport sections transmit to their athletes.

Particularly interesting to mention is the Dual Career Programme promoted by TSV Bayer Leverkusen 04 and New-Frame. This programme puts the stress on the importance of supporting athletes by combining high performance sport and education. In other words, it aims to secure their future by ensuring a strong education or vocational background, giving them new opportunities not only on the sport field.

New-Frame and TSV Bayer 04 were very kind to let us share two videos that well-represent the programme, with a special interview to Anna Klink, German football player. You can watch them here below:

Fradi promotes physical activity in the European Week of Sport

14310382_1251928024863800_3897784212718143232_oThe European Week of Sport has just ended, but not the events, that are still going on withthe participation of millions of people all around our continent, all linked by the common value of sport, seen both as promotion of physical activity and social inclusion.

14379651_1251928228197113_2406111465756164480_oThe #BeActive Week is a splendid occasion for the European Multisport Club Association and for its clubs to promote the sport movement, through special events at local level. In particular, Ferencvaros has been one of the most active Multisport clubs. Fradi indeed organised two special days in schools: to the Bálint Sándor Institute of Petőfi Sándor Primary School with Dénes Dibusz as a surprise guest, and on Wednesday Norbert Madaras and Dávid Gera represented Ferencváros at Heltai Gáspár Primary School.

These two wonderful events gained a lot of success, and we are happy to share with you a beautiful video of the activities promoted by Fradi:

European Week of Sport 2016: Great #BeActive event in Kosice!

The European Week of Sport has officialy started. Today, the ceremony of the opening of the second edition of the great #BeActive event promoted by the European Commission took place in Kosice (Slovakia), in a splendid sunny day that contributed to the creation of a wonderful atmosphere.

After the spectacular “Retro Bike Fest”, where citizens had the occasion to cycle on old bikes, having fun together, the stage was left to the huge flash mob called #FlashMOVE, organised thanks to the cooperation of ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association). Boys, girls and everybody made a great coreographic dance in many cities of Europe. And the stage of the Kosice event became one with all the others.

Then, it was time for the institutional messages by representatives of the city administration and Slovak Government, together with EU Commissioner Tibor Navracsics and the MEP Silvia Costa. In particular, they underlined the importance of sport in the European Union. Lot of applauses, finally, for Christian Karembeu, former footballer and Ambassador of the European Week of Sport.

The closure of the ceremony was spectacular too, with people of all ages dancing all together thanks to the group Spartakiada 2016, that made everybody cheer and applaud before the starting of the Kosice Marathon Warm Up Run, the sport event of the day.

To sum up, it has been a splendid day that wil lead us to a great week of sport promotion and activities. An again, the European Multisport Club Association is proud and honoured to be partner of the #EWoS! #BeActive!

EMCA and its Clubs ready to #BeActive in the European Week of Sport

beactive_emcaOnly few hours and everything will start. The opening of the European Week of Sport 2016 is going to be celebrated tomorrow (10th September) in Kosice (Slovakia), and it will be represented by over 15.000 events taking place this and next week and aimed at promoting sport and physical activity in every corner of Europe. “Sport is for all” and it doesn’t matter if you are old or young, a man or a woman, a sportsman or just an amateur: this week is a splendid occasion for everyone to #BeActive and to practice a sport, celebrating its importance both for health and integration.

The European Multisport Club Association this year is honoured to be one of the partners of the European Commission in the promotion of EWoS and we will play our role in the promotion of physical activity among European people.

First of all, we will be in Kosice for the opening of the week, and we will share photo and reports of the event on our website and on our social media, in order to update everyone with every possible content related to #BeActive!

Moreover, EMCA itself will take part next 12th-13th September in a special two-day-conference organised by the House of Sport. The event is called “Physical Activity – Tomorrow`s Cure” and it will take place in the Salle Gothique of the Hotel de Ville. Representatives of the sport movement and experts, together with professional organizations and companies will discuss about the future of sport, delivering a common message of consolitating the importance of the movement, since sport gives benefits for physicial activity, health and for the economy.

But we will not be part of the EWoS just as EMCA, but also thanks to many of our clubs, that are preparing other events at national level.

For example, Ferencvaros, next 13th-14th September is organising two special Sport School Days focused on the European Week of Sport, promoting physical activity among youngsters. Our new friends from Bayer Leverkusen too are preparing several events under the #BeActive motto: from 12th to 17th Septemebr, the Club will promote activities for all people who will join: the “Sport Plus Trial Week” (www.tsvbayer04.de/sportplus) will be dedicated to boys and girls; while next 17th September all Fitness lovers will have to occasion to participate for free to several sport courses promoted by the Club (www.tsvbayer04.de/freizeit-breitensport). Several activities will be also dedicated to Judo and to Skating (17th September).

Click here for any further information about the European Week of Sport

Meeting at the House of Sport: focus on Good Governance and Integrity

HoS.jpg-largeSeptember has just started and after our “Olympic” holidays, the European Multisport Club Association is back at work, with many interesting appointments that are scheduled in the next weeks.

Actually, the first event  took place few days ago, precisely last 29th August, when the Association met at The House of Sports in Brussels Mr. Hannu Takkula (MEP), Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s Report on the “Integrated approach to Sport Policy: Good Governance, accessibility and integrity”. The meeting has been a fruitful occasion to exchange views about the importance of transparency in the sport governance. EMCA has already given Mr. Takkula its availability to share its Multisport point of view in order to help in the drafting of the document.

Regarding the future, next weeks are going to be focused on the European Week of Sport. Next 10th September, EMCA will be present in Kosice, for the opening ceremony of the Week. And in the framework of the EwOS, next 12th September the Association will promote with the main stakeholders of the European Sport system a special event in Brussels. Finally, next 15th September, EMCA is going to participate and to co-sign to the official declaration on the good governance in Sports event, promoted by the European Commission.

Photo taken from www.twitter.com/jerome_pero